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The Band

Keith Brock & The Kings Who Rock

Brand-new and just in time for 420, a new supergroup has emerged: Keith Brock And The Kings Who Rock.

Describing themselves as a “110 percent organic, funkadelicious blend of party rock ‘n’ roll with mixtures of blues and reggae with a shot of tequila and lots of herb,” every member of the band is either a world-class musician or a musical icon in his own right.

Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) has said,

“Keith Brock plays that guitar funky as hell!”

With members claiming Grammys and Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame titles and musical credits alongside Supertramp, Carlos Santana, Blues Traveler, Queen, and Lenny Kravitz, the band may be brand-new, but they are no strangers to the world of music, and together, they’ve joined forces to make classic, heavy, weed-fueled jams. What musicians are saying about Keith Brock.

Gene Simmons (KISS)

“Keith Brock wears his guitar like my grandmother but plays the shit out of that thing!”

Paul Stanley (KISS)

“I thought I walked into a gun fight of guitars. Great playing!!”

Although their debut, 420 show had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, their new single, “Mary Jane Farmer,” will be released on April 20, 2020 alongside a lyric video and just in time for the festivities. It will be the first track from their self titled album, out this summer.

“The album is very versatile, as it has many different styles of rock on it,” says Keith Brock, vocalist and guitarist. ‘The really cool thing is that different songs will appeal to different people. It’s funkalicious party rock! You can picture yourself at parties on the lake, river, or beach, crankin’ up the stereo or tailgating at a game or concert, partying around a campfire. I want to bring the party back to rock ‘n’ roll.”

The Rock

The Look

The Lineup

Keith Brock

Vocals & Guitar

Carl Verheyen

(Supertramp) Guitar

Dave Marotta

(Colbie Caillat) Bass

Walfredo Reyes Jr

(Carlos Santana / Chicago) Drums

John Popper

(Blues Traveler) Harmonica

Spike Edney

(Queen) Keyboard

Gabe McNair

(Lenny Kravitz / No Doubt) Brass

Ludovic Louis

(Lenny Kravitz) Brass

Mike Thomas


Jules Galli

(ZFG) Background Vocals

Chris Barron

Background Vocals

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